Why You Shouldn’t DIY Pressure Washing

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Pressure Washing

Doing pressure washing on your own can be a tempting idea, but unfortunately, the drawbacks outweigh the advantages. There is a lot that can go wrong on your attempts at cleaning up your property using a pressure washer. Be sure to avoid any of these damages to your home!


  1. Water Damage

The jet of water from a pressure washer is strong enough that it can even seep into your home if improperly done. While low pressure washing settings generally cannot cause significant water damage to your home, high pressure washing settings have been known to force into the home and soak carpets, furniture, and all other surfaces.


  1. Structural Damage

A pressure washer can leave lasting damage to the surface of materials on your home’s exterior. Shingles can be knocked loose, mortar can be washed away, and scratches and dents can be made in other material as well.


  1. Paint Damage

The high-intensity pressure from a pressure washer can be strong enough to strip away paint from any surface. If repainting is not your goal, then ruined paint means you’ll have to fix the tarnished spots completely on your own at a later date.


  1. Landscaping Damage


While pressure washing, landscaping can often be unsuspecting collateral damage. Chemical runoff can kill plants, strong streams of water can cut across leaves and shrubs, and the structure of the landscaping design can be compromised in the effort to get better access to the house.


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