What is Soft washing and Why is it the Preferred Exterior Cleaning Method?

What is Soft washing and Why is it the Preferred Exterior Cleaning Method?

As a responsible homeowner, it is best to be informed about all of your options regarding exterior home maintenance and cleaning so you can decide what is the best service for your house. While there are an abundance of options to consider, home maintenance professionals agree that soft washing is often the best choice for exterior home cleaning in most cases.


So what is soft washing exactly? Soft washing is actually a form of cleaning performed with specialized system similar to pressure washing but with a special nozzle that reduces the PSI, or pounds per square inch, to less that 500. For comparison, a standard pressure washer usually has a PSI of between 1300-1700, so soft washing is much gentler. Soft washing also involves using specialized eco-friendly soaps and detergents designed to gently break down dirt, grime, and organic matter like moss or mold without damaging the material it is cleaning.


Now you may be wondering, what makes soft washing the preferred exterior cleaning method? The answer lies in its versatility. Because soft washing uses lower water pressure, it can be performed effectively on a wide variety of more delicate surfaces that would be damaged by a regular pressure washer. Soft washing doesn’t erode materials the same way pressure washing does, ensuring it extends their lifespan through regular cleaning. Materials best suited to soft washing include but are not limited to wood, vinyl siding, shingles, windows and screens.


Not only is soft washing versatile and eco-friendly, but a professional home maintenance technician can perform a thorough soft wash of your home exterior both efficiently and inexpensively, especially when you consider the value of preventative care when it comes to your home. They have access to the professional tools and cleaning detergents it takes to do the job effectively so you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with soft washing.

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