The reason why you choose a soft wash over a pressure wash

The reason why you choose a soft wash over a pressure wash

Many have heard of pressure washing and have a general idea of what it is. For beginners, pressure washing is simply a machine that sucks up water at a very high speed or pressure. While this article does not focus on aspects of pressure washing, it helps to understand the difference between conventional pressure washing and soft washing. For the vast majority of people, a soft wash almost sounds like a made-up word. In reality, this is just another cleaning or maintenance method that has its special uses and benefits.


Pressure can’t equal cleanliness.

Besides, a lot of those who use pressure washing methods have a bad idea. The general belief is that more pressure means more cleaning power. As a result, you increase the machine pressure, bring the nozzle closer to the surface, or even a combination of the two. This can not only damage the surface to be cleaned but also endanger the user. Common examples of excessive pressure washing are worn out coatings, broken windows, and broken concrete. Worse yet, some surfaces can be cleaner than others, which makes the whole job horrible. This is especially true when performed by inexperienced hands.

On the other hand, soft washing methods use gentle pressure using detergents or other cleaning agents. This form of cleaning is usually done somewhere below 1000 PSI. This is a very low pressure compared to normal pressure washing methods. This lower pressure greatly reduces the risk of accidental damage. It is, therefore, the perfect way to clean a house, fence, window, car or any other residential property. You also don’t have to worry about the dangers of extreme water pressure. Either way, you should always be careful when using these machines. Note that a soft washer and a pressure washer are essentially the same machines, except that the two methods operate at very different pressures.


Soft washing is the way

This milder form of pressure washing can clean porous, semi-porous and non-porous surfaces such as brick, stone, aluminum, plastic, glass and many other materials. With this method, it is sufficient to apply a suitable cleaning agent to the surface and let it act long enough. The person washes the surface with a light pressure of water.

The importance of using a soft washing machine in a home cannot be overstated. Ideally, you should carefully wash the exterior of your home at least twice a year. All types of wreckages, like dirt and dust, accumulate in a home over time. If this residue remains for many years, it will be extremely difficult to remove. Therefore, regular washing of houses, apartments or general surfaces is essential to keep them in good shape, without the need for extreme or expensive cleaning methods.


Soft wash is precise washing

Soft washing your home for a totally shiny look. Soft washing ensures that your home exterior looks great and minimizes the risk of damage compared to conventional pressure cleaning methods. Our trained professionals receive extensive on-the-job training in chemical treatments that kill algae and bacteria that tend to grow on roofs. Contact us anytime for your soft washing need, which is crucial to keep your home clean.

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