Should You Use A Professional House Washing Company or Do It Yourself?

Should You Use A Professional House Washing Company or Do It Yourself?

From concrete and gutter cleaning to deck and window washing, a lot has to go into your exterior home maintenance. Without having your home’s exterior cleaned regularly, you run the risk of long-term damage, very costly repairs, and an overall dirty and dingy look to your home. But is hiring a house washing company to take care of your home exterior worth it? Yes, and here’s why:

Professionals have the right tools.

One of the most common objects to hiring a professional is the cost. What many people don’t consider, however, is that to get the job done correctly you would have to rent all the tools yourself. Power washers, soft washers, ladders, detergents, algaecides, and other products needed to effectively maintain your home’s exterior are expensive. When you hire a professional company, they already have the tools and equipment they need.

Professionals get the job done quickly.

Cleaning your concrete driveway can take an entire day. Gutter cleaning may take a day to do by hand. Cleaning your roof could take an entire weekend or longer. Doing that multiple times per year is a lot of time spent cleaning your home. When you use a professional company, you get excellent results in a fraction of the time.

Professionals do the job correctly.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face with DIY house washing is using the wrong tool or technique. Unfortunately, these mistakes can lead to very expensive repair costs. Using a pressure washer instead of soft washing on a wood deck or vinyl siding can cause gouges and abrasions that can’t be fixed. If your house washing involves ladders, you also run the risk of serious injury from falling while holding the large tools required to do the job.

Professionals save you money.

Ultimately, using a professional house washing company—whether that is to clean your gutters, get rid of algae on your roof, or pressure was a deck—will save you money in the long run. Professionals know the correct way to clean, make sure that you are aware of any problems (such as loose shingles) they encounter on the way so you can fix it, and increase the lifespan of your house.

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