Should I Be Soft-Washing My Concrete?

Should I Be Soft-Washing My Concrete?

When it comes to keeping concrete clean, many people tend to focus on simply blasting the build-up away. Over time, organic buildup of materials like dead leaves, tree branches, or storm debris can cake to or stain your concrete, making it hard to clean and even potentially cracking it. Mold, mildew, and pollen can build up in concrete cracks, and weeds that grow through the surface of a driveway or wall can create structural issues that are expensive if not impossible to fully repair. 

Many people would suggest pressure washing as the best way to clean concrete.  as that has been the standard for a long time. This labor-intensive method requires close contact between the person using the pressure washer and the surface being cleaned. Another drawback is that sometimes water alone, no matter how high the pressure is, just can’t remove certain stains that are common on home exteriors. The harder the stain is, the more pressure you use to remove it, and the higher risk you have of damaging your concrete even further. Thankfully, you have other options that are overall much safer and better for your driveway. 

Soft washing involves using a foamy cleaning mixture and low-pressure water that gently rinses off any dirt or decay from your concrete The cleaning agents dissolve any mold, mildew, algae, dust, dirt, spider webs, and other debris from every crack, crook, and crevice in your concrete driveway or wall, making it easy for the gunk to be gently washed away in the stream of soft water. With a professional’s skilled touch, you run no risks of damaging your concrete while keeping the overall condition in superior shape. A professional cleaning contractor has the expertise and equipment to cover large amounts of concrete in a timely and thorough fashion. This makes the entire cleaning project take less time and produces a better and longer-lasting clean overall. No matter what the condition of your home is, finding a professional concrete cleaning company is the best way to guarantee clean, good-quality concrete every time.

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