Roof Cleaning (New Port Richey, FL)

Roof Cleaning (New Port Richey, FL)

A clean and well maintained building is a safe and inviting building. People who own and are responsible for the maintenance of such structures understand how important it is to make sure the outside of a building looks as clean and welcoming as the inside. People don’t want to enter a business with dingy walls and foggy windows. Unfortunately, people tend to neglect one important part of a building: the roof.


Since the roof isn’t as well seen as the rest of a building, it tends to get ignored when it comes to regular cleaning. Just because you can’t see the roof, though, doesn’t mean there might not be problems. For example, if you look to the roof and see black streaks, that’s algae. This black alga usually starts on the north side of a building, and from there it can spread across the roof and even down the walls. Not only do such algae look gross, it’s dangerous for the building. Algae growth can damage buildings and create openings for water and animals inside. Water allows for the growth of mold and mildew, and animals can create all sorts of havoc within a building.


Regular and thorough cleaning of a roof can help ensure these issues don’t occur. Of course, if people liked going up onto the roof in the first place, it wouldn’t be so often neglected. This is one of many reasons why it’s best to leave the roof cleaning to the professionals. They have the training and tools to safely clean roofs so that algae and mold won’t grow. They can also handle seasonal cleaning, because algae and mold aren’t the only dangers.


Collected rainwater on flatter roofs can become stagnant, and thus a haven for insects and dangerous diseases. In the autumn, leaves can collect and allow mold growth or attract animals looking for nesting materials. As for the winter, snow accumulation not only allows for the formation of icicles, the buildup of so much weight on the roof might cause it to sag, buckle, or even crack. Once the snow starts to melt, it can also seep into the building to allow, once again, the growth of mold and mildew.


Roof problems can thus easily become building problems. That is why it so important to make sure the roof cleaning is performed regularly. Not being able to see the roof doesn’t mean it isn’t in need of getting cleaned. Just like how you sometimes have to clean behind heavy appliances, the roof, too, needs to be cleaned to prevent buildup of all sorts of dangerous accumulation.


Since most people don’t like going up on the roof, and cleaning a roof on your own or without the proper tools and training can be dangerous, it’s a good idea to call the experts and ensure the job is done professionally and safely. Trusting roof cleaners to handle the job is a lot like trusting a cleaning surface to get behind the refrigerator. It might be out of sight, but making sure it get’s cleaned with also put it out of mind.

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