Proper care for your home’s roof

Proper care for your home’s roof

Roofing a home is expensive. It’s not just the financial cost; it’s the nerve jangling sound of the roof being replaced. In some cases, that pounding lasts for two days or more. If it’s in the summer, it can go on from seven in the morning until six at night. You don’t want to have to do that again soon, after one experience.

That means that proper care of the roof must be taken. However, most roofers don’t hand out an owner’s guide to caring for the roof. If you’ve done it yourself, then you know you don’t have an owner’s guide. How do you protect this investment of time and eardrum pain?

One way is to make sure it stays clean. That may sound like an odd thing, but if you think logically, it isn’t. Rain does not clean the roof; in fact it cause problems for your investment. Algae can build up. Mold, mildew and moss are strong possibilities. Leaves and other organic material can start to rot up there.

In a dry climate, dust, ash and sand can scour away at the roof. On the rare occasions when it does rain, acid can build up, damaging the shingles or tiles. If it is a wet year, the same problems faced by a wet climate show up.

You could climb up on the roof and do it yourself. If you search the internet with your favorite search engine, you’ll find rental equipment that would help with the job. All you have to do is rent it, lug it home, use it and lug it back.

There are problems with that idea. First of all, unless you are young, this is going to be a painful process. Even if you are young it’s not going to feel good. Then there is the equipment. Just reading the instruction manual is not enough training. Some of that equipment could cut your finger to the bone in a split second.

This powerful equipment can also damage your home, especially without training. It takes some time to figure out how to use it without hurting either yourself or your roof. No, that is not the best answer. The best answer is to hire a professional company.

There is no pain involved for you in this option. No hard work. No danger of damaging yourself, others or your property. The professionals have the training to use whatever needs used safely and efficiently. You don’t have to return equipment after a long day of using it.

There is more to it than that. A licensed, bonded and insured professional will see all of the little details that need to be taken care of. Is there a screen over a vent that needs to be removed and replaced? Done. Is there a special area that you might not see that needs treatment? It’s taken care of.

With a professional, at the end of the day you have a clean roof, and a chance of making it that forty years. Your home owner’s association will be happy. Your family will be healthier and you won’t have had to do a thing other than make that phone call.

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