Is It Pressure Washing Or Power Washing?

Is It Pressure Washing Or Power Washing?

What Is Water?

Don’t laugh! It is an important question. If you want to know if the term is pressure or power washing, then you need to know what is being pressurized for the answer to make sense. Water is a liquid that requires some force behind it go through a hose and spray your car. This is compared with air that can be compressed into a container, like an air can, and released through a cone. Water can’t be compressed in the same way. This is why you’ve never bought compressed water. There is plenty of compressed air for sale. When you turn on your shower or your hose, the water comes out with some force because there is water in the city pipes or from your well pump that is pushing against it. Turning the knob releases the block.

Power Or Pressure?

So, is it pressure washing or power washing? Technically, you need power to generate the water pressure. This is usually at the well pump or city services center. The power delivers pressure to your hose. You are able to use pressured water because there is power to deliver a constant force to the waterspout. The answer is both is correct. You can say either power washing or pressure washing, and anyone will know what you are talking about.

Do You Need A Machine?

Yes, your hose is not a pressure washer. Power washing refers to an amount of pressure that exceeds the pressure in your hose. If you have a nozzle on your hose that sprays a single shot, you are getting close to pressure washing but you still aren’t there yet. A power pressure station is rentable at any home improvement store. These bump-up the pressure by forcing the water through a smaller hole. Because water isn’t compressible, it is forced out at a high velocity and force.

Don’t Use It On Your House!

You can power wash just about anything. Wrong! You can only pressure or power wash something that can withstand the force of the water. If it can’t stand the force you are apt to damage the surface and strip the paint.

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