How Much Does It Cost To Have My Gutters Cleaned?

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Gutters Cleaned?

Having your gutters cleaned by a professional is the best way to maintain your home. Professional cleaning services will remove any debris, get rid of blockages, flush the entire system, and inspect for damage. This gives you peace of mind without having to climb up and down a ladder and risk injury. But how much does it cost to have your gutters cleaned?

Average Gutter Cleaning Prices

Depending on where you live, gutter cleaning will likely cost you between $125 and $225 for your home. As of 2020, the national average cost for having your gutters cleaned is $157 for a single-story home. If you are trying to determine an estimate for the cost of your home, you should calculate the linear foot price. For a single-story home, the average price is $1 per linear foot. That number doubles to $2 per linear foot if you have a second story.

Different Factors In Gutter Cost

There are a lot of different factors that go into determining the cost to have your gutters cleaned. While using the linear foot calculations will give you a good estimate, here are a few other things to consider:

  • House Height – Price will go up the more stories your home has. The average price for a single-story home is $157, about $200 for a two-story home, and $350 for a three (or more) story home.
  • Gutter Type – Gutters can be seamed or seamless. While the cleaning cost is about the same, if there is damage to the gutters, seamless gutters (which use much longer pieces) will be more expensive to repair.
  • Condition – It’s recommended you have your gutters cleaned at least twice per year. If your gutters have been neglected for a while, it may cost extra to have a full cleaning.

Other Fees and Services

Sometimes gutter cleaning may result in having additional installations or repairs made which can alter the price. Things like adding new gutter guards, apply end caps, or installing new downspouts will add to your total cost. Just keep in mind: all of these preventative measures will end up being much cheaper than roof or foundation repair.

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